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                Semi Automatic BlowMoulding Machine(Combination)

                Two-bar linkage clamping design:

                Adopting high technology Micro PLC controller. Sure the machine working properly and stable infra-red pre heater gives equilibrium temperature for inside and surface of the preform.

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                ITEM 項目 unit HZ-511B(Combination)
                No.of cav Cavity 4
                Theoritical output 理論產量 Pcs/h 1500
                Max container volume L 2
                Max neck diameter mm 38
                Max container diameter mm 180
                Max container height mm 360
                Power 功率 KW 24
                Voltage/Frequency 電壓/頻率(三相) V/HZ 220~380 / 50~60
                Machine dimension(LxWxH) 主機外形 M 1.66 × 0.74 × 2.2
                Machine weight 主機重量 T 0.7
                Pre-heater dmension(LxWxH) 烘箱外形 M 1.77 × 0.70 × 1.58
                Pre-heater weight 烘箱重量 T 0.5

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